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Need quick instructions on how to order our product?...all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader (you can download the program free, click the link on the SALESTOOLS page we also offer our Products and Services Guide in pdf format.

Sales Representatives may also order these items through our Customer Service Department just give us a call 1-800-356-9060.




Our latest Flex Trim innovation is unlimited linear footage lengths or rolls. Our new Xtrulinear Technology gives us the advantage of being able to produce any continuous length of molding in any radius shape or profile. Long lengths coiled on a spool or simply in a box. Quite revolutionary. We are processing orders now.

Our web site is the easiest way to do business with us. Anyone can get an instant price quote on line, and there are links to our distributors that have web site access to our order entry information systems. Orders speed to our shop floor and are processed instantly. We understand order delivery demand.

Our polymer resin chemistry is the best. No one makes a better product material for less money. Features are that it does not shrink from original profile dimension design, or expand and contract upon installation. It resists cracking and breaking and does not require any special fastener techniques.

We are currently in the process of revamping our website.
We will be adding a few new things to help customers better.

  • A Dealer Search which will direct end buyers to our distributors.
  • Our Molding Search Engine will have some new features to help narrow down your search process, not only will you be able to search in size and catagory you'll be able to search with description, inbetween certain dates, and items that start with a alphabet or number sequence
  • Our Top Sellers, customers choice, our most popular selling moldings.

Flex Trim Logo Samples make sure to order yours with your logo on them, contact your sales rep for further information.

Flex Trim Display if you haven't ordered one already be sure to get one of these freestanding displays soon, they comfortably hold 50 of our matching brochures. Contact Customer Service for more information