General Information:

NO NAIL is a pure cyanoarcylate instant setting glue. It performs better than most other market brands because it is not diluted. NO NAIL works extremely well with urethane plastic products, wood, any fibrous and/or porous material. NO NAILs’ weatherability is moisture resistant and ages well in heat.

NO NAIL KICKER is used to accelerate bond and cure NO NAIL glue instantly.

Spray a light mist to the opposing surface and let dry, bond will then take instantly when mating parts together. (Using NO NAIL KICKER directly on NO NAIL GLUE will cure instantly.)

NO NAIL KICKER is extremely flammable and must be stored according to fire safety precautions. Lid must be kept tightly closed to avoid evaporation. Does not need to be refrigerated for a longer shelf life.

One 2 ounce bottle of NO NAIL KICKER should last as long as a 4 ounce bottle of NO NAIL GLUE if used sparingly.

NO NAIL requires a close fitting, clean, dry and oil free bonding surface. A single bead of glue on one bonding surface side is all that is necessary. For added strength caulk edges or seam with a bead of glue and cure with KICKER. Cure time using NO NAIL KICKER is 10 seconds (without 30-60 seconds), full cure time is obtained within 24 hours. To de-bound NO NAIL use an acetone solvent.

NO NAIL has a shelf life of 6 months if it is stored at not more than 70 degree Fahrenheit. Unopened bottles may be refrigerated to promote a longer shelf life.

One 4 ounce bottle will produce a 1/8“ wide bead of glue approximately 90 feet.