Corporate Offices:

Administration and Customer Service
4264 Old Linwood Road
PO Box 189
Linwood, NC 27299

800/356-9060 or 800/FLEXTRIM (8003539874)

  • Corporate office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
  • Customer Service office hours are 8:00 am- 5:00 pm ET

For seventeen years FLEX TRIM has been the leading fabricator of flexible molding. We credit the workmanship of our product to the years of experience and consistent creative drive instilled in our work force.

At FLEX TRIM we not only produce a product we offer a customized service. Not every application that uses our product is cut and dry, many of our orders require custom tooling and/or application. Our customer service department and website offer great support in our endeavor to be as clear and concise in getting our customers orders right.

Since distribution demands getting our product to builders through retail dealers nationwide we now produce our product on the east and west coast; this allows our customers the convenience of getting their orders cost effectively and in a timely manner.

Always striving to be innovative FLEX TRIM has added a new line of ornamental accents with THE RENAISSANCE COLLECTION, which compliments FLEX TRIM and gives that finishing touch.

Our customers are our greatest source of inspiration and support; we welcome all comments and suggestions.

Thank you for choosing FLEX TRIM.